Moulding - Anything is possible when you start with a perfect form

At MD Casting, we pride ourselves in creating solutions that will allow your imagination to explore new possibilities. Choose to replicate a best seller, enhance an existing model or mould, or simply create something never seen before.

We offer the more flexible cold silicone mould in addition to traditional vulcanized moulding services. We blend our own silicone in-house to provide perfect density and form, eliminating flawed moulds and costly repetition, and providing many possibilities and advantages:

We mould to any shape from any material.
We mould over precious stones and fragile treasures.
We mould a truer likeness of the original with less hand tooling.
We reduce the steps to casting, passing the savings on to you.

Let us refurbish jewellery for better moulding. Discover our Laser Services.

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